SGJ Podcast #62: Doing Business with Starship Corporation

That's a Lot of People
That’s a Lot of People

Welcome to this week’s installment of the Space Game Junkie podcast. This week, Jim and I sit down with the designer of Starship Corporation, David Murent, to discuss his cool looking spaceship design and crew management game.

While we had fun doing the podcast, we ran into two problems that were entirely my fault. First, in Open Broadcaster Software, my microphone was disabled and I forgot to re-enable it, meaning the video below has no audio from me, only David and Jim. The second problem was deeper than the first, as I spent so much time focusing on playing the game in front of my I forgot to actually, you know, interview the guest and help run the podcast (thanks to those folks who pointed this out to me as well).

I could try to blame this on the early hour we recorded (6 AM my time), but I don’t think that’s it. While Jim and I love doing the videos for these, we’re discussing how to do them better so I can focus less on the game and more on actually recording the podcast. This is something I’ll be working on, and I hope y’all will be patient with me as I strive to improve.

While we’re including the video below, please no that it might be tough to follow what’s going on. Despite all this, I had a really fun time playing this very early version of the game, and I hope you enjoy the podcast. Thanks for listening and watching.

Author: Brian Rubin

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