Freespace 2 Drops on Steam Today!!!

Blasting onto Steam!
Blasting onto Steam!

Hey y’all, just a reminder that later today (“approximately 6 hours” from when I write this), Freespace 2 will be available to purchase on Steam!! Hopefully this will help even more people experience what is still the finest first person space combat sim around. Don’t know what the price will be, but I’m guessing either $4.99 or $9.99, hopefully the former. If you’ve never played this amazing game before, and didn’t want it on GOG for whatever weird reason, now you have no excuse not to get it. ;)


      1. Yeah, no. If this was a $500 pre-pre-alpha for Elite: Dangerous or something, I might spend some time downloading other stuff and messing with command lines and 3rd party tools, but for a $5 game off Steam, I want it to just work.

        Gabe forgot to test this one before he started selling it.

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