Particle Fleet: Emergence – Crawling Out of a Hole – Let’s Play Entry 2

Take That! And That!
Take That! And That!

Welcome back to Particle Fleet my friends! In this entry, I play two more missions. In “Insanity,” we fight even harder Particulate enemies while discovering more history from past events involving the Particulates. Then, in “Evidence,” we gain a new type of ship, the “Grabber,” which can use blue Particulates (which seem friendly? I guess?) as a directed weapon to hurt the red (enemy) Particulates in advance of our ships taking an objective. It was touch and go in this mission for a while, as I thought I was gonna lose, but thankfully I was able to bring it all back and win in the end. We ALSO found evidence of the Particulate home world! Yay!

Author: Brian Rubin

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