SGJ Podcast #94 – Working Together in Quintet

Working Together on a More Destructive Tomorrow...
Working Together on a More Destructive Tomorrow…

Hello my friends, and welcome to this episode of the Space Game Junkie Podcast. This week, I sit down with creator of the multi-person starship bridge simulator Quintet, Carmine Guida, along with his team member Eric Payawal and we discuss the history and background of their game, how it works, and we also take some multiplayer ships out for a spin! Note that since Jim was unavailable for much of the podcast, I recorded the audio version this time, so I hope it turned out okay for y’all (this is why you can hear the game going as well). We had a really fun time talking about the game and playing it as well, and it made for a really fun podcast.

As always, we hope you have a fun time listening/watching the show, and don’t forget that you can hit us up at if you have a suggestion for a topic or a guest. :) Thanks for watching, and stay tuned for next week when we’ll be talking about Homeworld: Cataclysm! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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