Galactic Inheritors Q&A: Conquest via Cunning, Guile and Manipulation

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4 Responses

  1. EBM says:

    Sounds like it might have some potential. I find there is a key question missing from the interview, however: will the game have mod support? Took a quick look at their site and didn’t see any mention of modding.

  2. Orpheus says:

    Hello EBM, We have tried to export out as much of the game data as possible into XML. So for example adding a new technology is fairly simple. Some the Race data is hard coded into the game, so you can modify various parts of the Races but not add news ones at the moment. We will be looking to export more data and content out in XML as we go along. It will depend on a time versus demand thing.

    • EBM says:

      XML, eh? Works for me. I do a lot of modding in my free time, so that aspect plays a role in my game picks.

      Thanks for the reply.

  3. amandachen says:

    “The Melowar (feline) are fervent holy warriors that keep their males in slavery and thus build ships quicker because they don’t have to worry much about the rights of their slave workers.”

    Talk about being pussy whipped!

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