Let’s Preview Master of Orion (2016) – Entry 1 – An Old Friend in New Clothes

Fight Fight Fight Fight!
Fight Fight Fight Fight!

Welcome to the new Master of Orion my friends! Usually with previews I’m a one-and-done kinda fella, but the legacy of this game is so important that this new entry in the series, which is both a reboot and a sequel it seems, deserves a bit more scrutiny. Therefore this will be the first in a series of entries looking at the early access version of the game. In this installment, I choose my race and am off to the races. As the Psilons, we love our research, and we find a lot of nice techs along the way. So far I like the streamlined interface and other UI elements that make the game easy to use and navigate. The moment to moment choices per turn are also fun, so far, but it’s still the early part of the game, which is my favorite. It’ll be interesting to see how the mid and late game fares. Stay tuned for more, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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