Change List for Upcoming S.P.A.Z. 1.0 Update

Over on my favorite forum, Quarter to Three, one of the programmers of Space Pirates and Zombies has posted a list of the changes in the upcoming 1.0 patch to be released on August 15th, and boy is it a doozy! Take a look after the jump…

This was kinda too long to NOT use the “more” tag. ;)

Hi All,

I have posted a raw list of a lot of the upgrades coming August 15th. I have not hit that magic 50 post limit or I would post a link. Anyhow what I can do is post the list here… Just thought of that. The brain it pretty tired these days, pushing for final.

– side missions
– doubled critter shield damage.
– higher critter health
– smoother critter spawning
– cull extra effects when frame rate is low.
– critter updates optimized
– Added stored designs for each hangar for easy switching
– Added a reset design button to reset the design to the current ship
– Fixed repaired ships inheriting current design instead of just fixing current ship
– added cloning system
– update checker
– in game upcoming feature list
– respec
– difficulty levels
– specialists
– self destructing ships cut their engines to drift into targets
– ships have a sense of self preservation (avoid exploding ships, if it will do major harm)
– Added cloaking stealth damage 1.5x + specialist and research boosts.
– Cloaking booster hooked up properly
– Added Surplus cloaking device.
– zombie killers have shields
– zombie killers have armor
– on killer conversion shields and armor gone but will repair
– zombie ships cannot spawn eggs for 5 seconds after birth.
– ruptured eggs cause greater damage to the spawned ship.
– rammed zombie critters do double damage but go splat
– added an extra set of 3 intro stars to make game start more sane
– critters damage shields armor and hull over time, progressivly
– armor must be < 25% for critters to invade
- hull must be < 50% for critters to invade.
- zombie ship repair rate lowered
- doubled boarding combat speed
- zombies will not fire on infected ships.
- ai should not attack spaced goons anymore
- zombie tech level scales with the progress toward the final battle. instead of being locked at 90
- level down difficulty option (one way only)
- goon pods added.
- increased data cube lifetime
- mass bombs inherit ship velocity
- mass bombs now explode to drop a gravity well (does not effect allies)
- mass bomb flight time effects grav well radius.
- research damagestrength effects wisp damage too
- research damagestrength also effects strength of gravity well.
- mass bombs impact with high projectile damage
- hunter srms are do ion damage but can hunt cloakers too (ion damage trippled)
- lowred SRM count. spamming was overpowered. (also cpu pig)
- launcher boosters from 25% bonus to 20% bonus to reload speed.
- slight increase to missile reload times
- slight increase in power consume for missiles
- escorted ships get much less angry from friendly fire.
- mass bombs no longer player pilotable. fire like torps now
- upped mission counts in general and made metagame changers more common
- lowered spread on scatter and particle cannons
- drone bombers do high explosive damage
- increase to disruptor cannon damage and speed
- particle cannons, shoot 2x as fast as disruptors, do universal damage, shorter range than cannons, more power effieient shoot 6 shots at a time
- scatter cannons longer range and do ion damage.
- tractor beams work while cloaked
- Added option to turn off auto pause on lose focus
- Autotarget and first press of prev or next target target closest to reticule
- targeting system will target the ship under the reticule on prev or next target pressed, always
- inertial engines upgraded. Better top speed and acceleration. Very nice engine now.
- removed inertial engines ambient damping
- ai avoids wisps dropped by mass bombs
- leech beams 40% weaker.
- +50% goons cap, 20% default goons
- tutorial skipper
- more turns between zombie attacks
- leech beams effect zombie killers but not breeders
- ion damage effects zombie killers but not breeders
- dont allow zombie ships to shoot crew pods
- turret firing mode made global and saved
- collection mode made global and saved
- request crew hotkey added (M)
- lots of upgrades for mines. beware.
- AI better at deploying minefields.
- mine droppers cloak disrupts when they lay a mine
- Achievements (Steam)

Well back to play testing for me. I hope you guys enjoy 1.0

I know I can’t wait to test this sucker out next week.

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