A Look at Beyond Beyaan

Creating a new game in Beyond Beyaan.
Creating a new game in Beyond Beyaan.

Over at Space Sector, Adam has taken a close look at at upcoming Master of Orion (1 and 2, mind you) clone/homage called Beyond Beyaan. Here’s a clip:

The research mechanics feels also very MoO’ish. You manipulate sliders (and can lock them) to distribute your research points, which is clearly inspired in MoO1 (other games also use this mechanic like Armada 2526 for instance), and you can choose from multiple research options in the same “field” (which resembles MoO2 way of choosing from multiple alternatives).

To read more on what Adam thinks, head over to Space Sector for the entire article.

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “A Look at Beyond Beyaan

  1. We need more "Empire" TBS games that follow MOO1's lead. In MOO1 (and in this game) a planets production could be managed from the overhead map. So you spent more time thinking and feeling like a galactic emperor, instead of spending all your time looking at city/planet production queues.


    1. Yeah, I totally loved MOO 1 for many of the reasons you described. I also love MOO 2 for its own reasons, but sometimes I can't decide which awesome game is…awesomer…

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