X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter – Testing the GOG Version (Spoiler: IT’S AWESOME)


So last night, podcast cohost Jim along with friends Matt, Nate and Hunter got on GameRanger to test out the recently released GOG version of X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter. We had a couple of technical issues with streaming and firewalls and the like, but once it got going, HOLY CRAP IS IT FUN. So fun we’re making it a weekly thing, so join us every Thursday at 5 PM Pacific (unless something comes up) to watch us play melees, campaigns and whatever else. The game can take 8 players, we might need a few more too. ;) Check it out, and join us next week for our next bout on Twitch!

Author: Brian Rubin

9 thoughts on “X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter – Testing the GOG Version (Spoiler: IT’S AWESOME)

    1. Crraaaap, thank you letting me know, replaced with Twitch version which is thankfully still up.

    1. Well sure, to a point of course since the game’s only support 8 players in total. Did you want in this week?

    1. Hey, it took a spell, but what one has to do is use monitor capture and set the base resolution to 640×480.

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