Hailing Frequencies Open – 5/15/17 – Manic Monday…


Not really, I just love the song. Happy Monday everyone! How was your weekend? Mine was busssssyyyyy. So much so I barely got in any gaming. Friday I played some Rogue Islands, but not for long. Why not? Because it pushed both my GPU and CPU hard enough for me to get worried about their temperatures. 2016’s DOOM doesn’t push my rig as hard. Now I admit my rig is a bit on the old site (CPU is 8 years old, GPU us 4), but it runs just about everything just fine (I did have to turn down DOOM’s graphics a bit, for example). Rogue Islands though? Totally pushed all of the dials up, so I uninstalled and refunded it. Gonna keep an eye on it though, because I liked what little I played.

That was pretty much it until Sunday, wherein the entirety of my gaming was taken up with this week’s game of the week, Dawn of Andromeda. I actually had a really good time with this game, as my first entry illustrates. In this one, I played one of the pre-made “eras” which pretty much gives you a race and map and tells you to survive, or kill a race, or something else. These are fairly focused experiences, while still offering the staples of a 4X game like exploration and what not. My time as the Terran empire didn’t last too long though, because shortly into the game, I had war declared on me, and quickly lost the few colonies I had. I had a great time, of which I hope this video makes evident.

Tonight I plan to play some Discovery Freelancer in order to record footage for our podcast tomorrow, and just because I wanna play it. It’ll be funny fitting it in between laundry. I hope to get footage of both the cargo run I have going (only thirty hops to go!) as well as some combat. I really, really like this iteration of Freelancer a LOT, so I am super excited to talk to one of the folks who works on it tomorrow night for the show. That’ll likely be the only gaming I get in tonight, due to the aforementioned laundry.

Alrighty, let’s move onto news!

  • SuperCluster: Void dropped on Steam today, and it’s not even early access, so I hope to fit time in with it this weekend to give it a proper review.
  • Starpoint Gemini Warlords will have its price go up one day before launch, so if you wanna get it at the early access price, you better jump on it!
  • Offworld Trading Company’s next big expansion, Jupiter’s Forge, will drop on May 18th! Yay!
  • Angels Fall First has a new test build up which fixes and adds a veritable tooooon of stuff.
  • Drifter has a big new update that implements a new faction system, among other things!
  • Avalon: The Journey Begins has a big update that adds prehistoric planets!
  • Osiris: New Dawn also has a new patch that adds ovens and flares!

Now it’s Monday, which means Steam’s Weeklong Sales are in effect. Here are the spacey games I found:

That’s it for today folks! Have a great one, and thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin

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