Star Crusader – Making a Stand – Let’s Play Entry 5


Welcome back to Star Crusader, my friends! In this entry, so much stuff happens! First, the Tancreds and Zemuns team up to really, and I mean REALLY kick our asses. Like, seriously kick. We have to reform and regroup, and THANKFULLY our old commander comes out of…wherever he was being held to help us fight back. We still have one base left, and it’s still undiscovered. This is where my character, Roman, is given command access and can now choose his wingmates and also assign secondary missions such as defending the base or acquiring supplies. You can also assign pilots to training duties in order to gain more pilot recruits! I have to figure this part out, as I’ve never gotten this far before! This is really exciting you guys, and I can’t wait to play more.

Author: Brian Rubin

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