Star Crusader – Adios AR-2 – Entry 11

Go Intruder Go!

Welcome back to Star Crusader my friends! In this entry I complete two missions. The first is to clandestinely scan the rebuilt Gorene AR-2 base, and the second is to destroy said base, since a flaw was found that allows us to destroy it easier than if it were completed. The first mission thankfully goes without a hitch, but the second mission is CRAZY. I’m to escort the guy who’s to kill the base, and while trying to do that, HE buys it whilst I get seriously damaged. I spend time avoiding dying while my repair systems do their magic, and eventually not only take down ALL of the remaining escorts, but the base as well. It’s a struggle, but god DAMN if it’s not worth it. What a mission! I had a very similar experience happen in TIE Fighter a while back, and this ranks up there as nearly just as sublime an experience. GAH I love this game.

Author: Brian Rubin

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