The Spatials Review – Fun, Building, Conquest and Projectile Vomit

Yup, This Happens...
Yup, This Happens…

In this video I take a look at The Spatials, a new space station sim from Weird and Wry games. In The Spatials, you’re given command of a new space station, and must complete missions on nearby planets in nearby systems — all randomly generated, mind you — to gain resources for your stations, research points to gain new items and technologies and much more. It has a very Theme Hospital vibe to it, which I liked a lot, and even in this brief look, I had a ton, TON of fun. The missions are a great time, and feed your need to get more stuff for your station. The game also had a wry sense of humor that I really appreciated. Overall, if you like games like Theme Hospital, Space Colony or Startopia, you need to keep an eye on this one.

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “The Spatials Review – Fun, Building, Conquest and Projectile Vomit

  1. This game is a blast and a truckload of old school space gamey goodness. And, I think that the Ambassador is hot. ;) Check out the mini cat glasses and the attention she pays to that immovable coif! It’s enough to make a lad have to go to confession twice a week.

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