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SGJ Podcast #206 – Astrobase Command

Welcome to this latest Space Game Junkie Podcast my friends! This week, Jim, Hunter, Spaz and I sit down with Dave Williams – Co-Founder and Everything Designer at Jellyfish Games — to talk about their recently successfully Kickstarted space station building and personality meshing sim, Astrobase Command. While we didn’t get to touch the game our own selves,… Read More »

What’s Coming Up This Week? (2/13/17)

Welcome to another week of spacey gaming my friends! This week, I’ll be, by request, diving into the 2001 fantastic space station simulator, Startopia! I also put together a little preview video for the upcoming spacey blockey shoot ’em up, Lightspeed Frontier! This week on the podcast (Tuesday, 5:30 PM Pacific, Twitch, YouTube, Beam, Hitbox)… Read More »