Ensign-1 – An Officer with Promise

This Game is Cray, Yo.
This Game is Cray, Yo.

Ensign-1 has been in development for a while, but recently it came to Steam! Currently in early access, the game has several single player missions at the moment, and I play through two of ’em, the first of which is a straight dogfight while the second requires some out-of-ship action. This game allows you to leave your ship and run around other ships and stations, which is always a good time. Despite some control quirkiness, I had a fun time with this game, and definitely want to see more. Thanks for watching the vid! :)

Author: Brian Rubin

5 thoughts on “Ensign-1 – An Officer with Promise

  1. I listened to this video in my car like it was a podcast. Totally hilarious when you were making a mad dash through the defenses saying things like Zipitydoodah and there were no visuals to go a long. Was wondering if you’d reveal what the main issues were with the control scheme –was it just that things were impossible to hit if you didn’t use missiles?

    1. Hey man, the controls were trying to be an FPS while flying as well, and it didn’t always work. The mouse was a bit overtly sensitive, and the flying keys were a bit odd.

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