Let’s Play X-COM Interceptor – Entry 5 – Jack of No Trades

I Kinda Hit Something!
I Kinda Hit Something!

Welcome back to X-COM Interceptor my friends! I tell you, this has been a tough week. Why? Because this game has a ton of potential. The strategic/business side of things is fun, and it’s great to watch the campaign unfold before you on the map. Where it stumbles, horribly so, are the interface and the flight controls, both of which are just freaking maddening. Honestly, the more I play this, the more annoyed I get with it. It just could’ve gotten so much right, and it’s in such a unique place in what it offers, that it COULD have been a legend in the genre. I mean very few, if any, space sims have this open and dynamic a campaign, along with managing the businesses of building bases, recruiting pilots and so on, and if it did ANY of these things REALLY well, this might’ve been a hit, but it’s all so…mediocre. It just all tries and just comes short of the mark, and it’s maddening because you could SEE that this could’ve been great, but it’s just so not. It’s just a damned shame that it just makes me both angry and sad at the same time. Oh well, maybe one of the newer sims coming down the pike will fill in the void this sim could’ve filled, but alas, right now this sim is really the only one of its kind, and that’s just pathetic. It’s harder to play a game like this when it’s on the cusp of greatness than it is to play one that’s just flat out horrible, and this one has so many cusps it’s silly, so this was a really tough one to muscle through, but I thank you for watching it. See you next week for Ascendancy!

Author: Brian Rubin

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  1. “I can actually hit them with the cockpit on. OH NO, OH NO, OH NO!”

    It seems that the aliens like having the cockpit on too. :-)

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