Let’s Play Parkan: The Imperial Chronicles – Entry 2 – Geezy Chreezy

Die Robot Die!
Die Robot Die!

Welcome back to Parkan my friends! In this entry, after reading a helpful thread on GOG, I try to get a better handle on the game, but it takes actually looking up the keyboard commands AGAIN because, hey, the keys listed in the manual are WRONG. ARG. I also keep getting attacked OVER and OVER and while I’m advised to run away, that ACTUALLY NEVER WORKS. So yeah, I’m a bit frustrated right now at the lack of, oh I don’t know, PROGRESS! This isn’t challenging, this is maddening. It’s difficult for the sake of being difficult, not to be fun or challenging, and I hate that. So. Much. I will soldier on, however, because I love you damn people.

Author: Brian Rubin

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