Let’s Play Battlefleet Gothic: Armada – Entry 3 – For the Love of…

Sir Yes Sir!
Sir Yes Sir!

Welcome back to Battlefleet Gothic: Armada my friends! In this entry, I’m tasked with boarding a ship in order to capture some sensitive data. Well I try, my friends. I try REALLY hard, and yet I STILL fail. I have one ship within range of boarding, and yet I couldn’t do it. I don’t know WHY I couldn’t do it. Every time my other ship got close enough, the enemy boosted away, so I could never catch it. It was like the game was spitting in my face, so this is a short entry as a result. I didn’t wanna play while super frustrated and angry because that’s not fun for either you or I. In the next entry we’ll try the custom game modes. Yay!

Author: Brian Rubin

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