Let’s Play Starshatter: The Gathering Storm – Entry 3 – Cruising Through the Campaign

Yeah, This Happens a Lot...
Yeah, This Happens a Lot…

Welcome back to Starshatter my friends! In this installment, newly confident after reading the manual and completing all the tutorial missions, I jump back into the first phase of the overall dynamic campaign, Operation Highland. As I’ve already been transferred to an attack squadron, many of the missions here involve taking out minefields, attacking ground defenses along with a smattering of patrol missions. Regardless of this, I find that the game is still very challenging, and am lucky to actually land my ship back at base at the end of a mission. More often than not I get shot down along the way. I hope to change that as I learn the game and hopefully improve my performance, but until then, I’ll keep sliding by, losing ships and somehow not dying. ;) Eventually I have a feeling the campaign will end because we’ve run out of fighters and bombers. ;) Regardless, I’m gonna keep plugging away until then, so please enjoy this installment, and thank you for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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