Let’s Play Starshatter: The Gathering Storm – Entry 2 – Back to Basics

Enemy Go Boom!
Enemy Go Boom!

Welcome back to Starshatter! As you may recall, in the last episode I kinda skipped training and jumped right into the campaign. With any less serious space sim, that might’ve been fine, but not Starshatter. Oh heck no. Therefore, in this installment, I went back to basic training and went through all the training missions. This not only helped reacquaint myself with the game’s design, controls and so on, but also gives a nice swath of the various types of gameplay one can encounter in this game, from space combat to planetary missions to capital ship combat. After accomplishing these missions and reading the manual (I know, right?), I feel a lot more confident to take on the campaign proper, which will happen in the next episode. Enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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