Let’s Play VoidExpanse – Entry 2 – Law and The Order

Eat Death Foul Pirate!
Eat Death Foul Pirate!

In this second entry looking at VoidExpanse, I try to find a way to join the game’s apparently most prestigious faction, the Order. This involves doing a lot missions for various folks, along with FINDING the right station on which to talk to a recruiter. Along the way to that point, I do some mining, fight a lot of pirates, rescue some folks, and gain a new ship! YAY! Eventually I DO run into a recruiter. To join the order, I need the sponsorship of four officers, so that will be the next video! :) Yay! Thanks for watching folks, and enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play VoidExpanse – Entry 2 – Law and The Order

  1. Great let’s play! I bought this game when it was in its early stages from Atomic Torch Studios and have played it off and on, I have my Steam key for it and I think I need a Pillars of Eternity break (GREAT game BTW) and try this.

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