Let’s Play Star Ruler 2 – Entry 2 – Little Bits of Pressure (And a Plea…)

Love the Pew Pew in this Game...
Love the Pew Pew in this Game…

A fascinating concept in Star Ruler 2 is the concept of pressure. Pressure is generated by planetary resources, such as electronics increasing money pressure, which causes the civilian population on a planet to build markets. In this installment, I try to wrap my head around this concept of pressure, level up some planets along the way, and dive more into the fascinating card-based mini game that is diplomacy. I’m really loving this game so far, and as an aside, the developer has said that if they game doesn’t sell better, they’ll likely have to shut down their studio later this year. I therefore implore you, if you like what you see in this and other coverage of the game, to buy the game because it really does feel like something new in the space 4x…space. ;) No pressure or anything, just wanted to throw that out there. ;) Thanks for letting me rant, and enjoy the video!

Author: Brian Rubin

2 thoughts on “Let’s Play Star Ruler 2 – Entry 2 – Little Bits of Pressure (And a Plea…)

  1. I bought the game and agree that it is the most innovative 4X game I have seen in years (the graphics and GUI are top notch also), but that is a BIG problem when there is no manual and a skimpy tutorial to guide a wannabe Galactic Emperor.
    Which is why I will watch your video, to learn from someone else’s mistakes and maybe see the game from a different perspective.

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