Let’s Play Distant Star: Revenant Fleet – Entry 1 – Crawling for Every Inch


Welcome to a new Let’s Play series covering the recently released fleet-based roguelike, Distant Star: Revenant Fleet. This game is kinda FTL-like in how you jump from sector to sector, fighting enemies along the way and dealing with moral dilemmas, but is different in that you deal with fleets rather than the intricate workings of one individual ship. In some ways that works better for me because, since I’m not seeing individual crew members dying, it doesn’t ping my anxiety. This game, however, can be so damn difficult at times that it gives me anxiety about THAT. ;) That said, I still had a great time making my way across the map one sector at a time. The game presented interesting choices, is well-written, and the combat — as tough as it can be — is visceral and enjoyable. We’ll see how far I get in the game, so stay tuned, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Let’s Play Distant Star: Revenant Fleet – Entry 1 – Crawling for Every Inch

  1. I suck at this game too! I’ve played four games and haven’t even got close to the exit once. I know I need to get better at maneuvering my ships and using their abilities. Standing in a line and going toe to toe will never work because although their ships are weaker there are a lot more of them. I think I need to learn to make use of tactical mode as well. So far I think it’s a fun game.

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