Let’s Play Star Hammer: The Vanguard Prophecy – Entry 2 – Keeping in Formation

I Love all Those Girds and Arcs...
I Love all Those Girds and Arcs…

Welcome back to Star Hammer! In this installment, I play through two missions (Second Contact, Picking Crew), got a frigate which was pretty cool, and tried to use formation planning for these missions as recommended by some viewers of my first video, which worked almost all of the time. In the first mission I fought aliens, while the second mission was fighting other humans while protecting an escort (ugh!), but despite the escort stuff, I still had a great time. I also remembered to use missiled and specific shield power settings as well. I’m really digging the amount of tactical control this game gives you. I will admit though that the aggressiveness/defensiveness rating is a bit weird, as it does seem to be based directly on the power settings of your ship, though even though balanced power settings made me “aggressive”. I’ll be keeping an eye on this as the series continues. Overall, really enjoying myself, so stay tuned for tomorrow’s installment! :) Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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