Let’s Play Nomad – Entry 1 – It’s a Big Bad Universe

Pixely Doom!
Pixely Doom!

Welcome to a new Let’s Play series my friends! Enough folks asked me to play this superb game from 1993 that I couldn’t rightly refuse ’em could I? :) Nomad (or Project Nomad overseas) is a space adventure, exploration and combat game that has you as a lone human helping the universe against an evil robotic foe. The gameplay, to me, is a ton of fun, and it really scratches that Starflight-style itch. In this video, I do some missions, some trade, and some combat to get a feel for how the universe around me works. I hope you enjoy the video, and thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “Let’s Play Nomad – Entry 1 – It’s a Big Bad Universe

  1. Oh god! Just loved that game! Never got too far in it though for some obscure reason. Especialy alien speech generator was awesome, i’d say unique feature, never seen it anywhere else.
    Brian, where did you get it? is it an old copy?
    I have found it on some abandonware site, but last time i’ve tried it under dosbox it was just keep crashing (sob).
    It one of “revenant” games for me, the one i keep returning to once in several years, digging old save files and moving forward. Like Realms of Arcania 2 or Ironseed.
    And i guess now it is time for a round of Nomad. i’ll get it working nomatter what. Thank you, Brian, for reminding me about it!

    1. I do have it on floppies my own self. And yeah, I can see how it’s a revenant game. It’s just that good. Works great for me under DOSBox. :/

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