SGJ Podcast #233 – Can You Go Home Again?

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  1. Kelly says:

    I turned 20 late in 1987. At the time, all I had was my Commodore 64. I was in college and shy of coin, so I didn’t buy a lot of new games at the time. So, I was still playing the original Elite (from 1985), as well as a handful of other C-64 games like RocketBall (a RollerBall knock-off), M.U.L.E., Lords of Conquest, and Sid Meier’s Pirates (which was a new game). In reality, though, I spent more time playing board games with friends on the weekends.

    I met my wife during that year, and she had a Mac, so I picked up a few Mac games as well.

    I didn’t actually own a PC until 1991 or so, when I was an over-the-hill 23 years old.

    Regarding your discussion of having to write down stuff while playing games, I still have a bunch of notes from older games where I had to draw maps, write down clues, and record quests. That was definitely true of Ultima III (which I think Spaz mentioned) One Mac game that I played during that time was Quarterstaff, and Infocom adventure game. IIRC, that was the first game I played that had a map that was built into the game, and revealed as you played. It felt almost *lazy* to have the game do the mapping for me!

  2. Tsubasanut says:

    Hi Brian and Company.

    Jumping back on your podcast after, like, 4 years of absence. You may remember me as a guy, who incurred your wrath by putting Star control above Starflight, courtesy of my bad handling of English phrasing (I’m Russian)
    I’m 42 now, so thanks for this trip down the memory lane.
    Personal big thanks for finally nailing the thing that was bothering me for years with the phrase “There are pilot sims and plane sims”. Now I understand, why i had so much fun with F-117, LHX (totally awesome btw) and first A-10 and just cannot get into DCS for all it worth.
    And it is clear to me that i just need to go back to this gaming era for my kicks. Thanks for the list of games, will surely use it. Luckily, i’m not bothered by 90-Th graphics at all, been playing to death Colonization and Master of Magic for the first time just a year ago.

    I’ve tried Gemini Gold before, mebby 10 years ago , but at that time they had a major bug – you cannot swap equipment on ship. Which killed it for me instantly. Maybe will try it now,
    I’ve played original Privateer 3 times in 90-th, must’av been pretty persistent. But on 3rd playthrough i’ve just cheated with save scumming on Mining station. I noticed prices are not saved and are recalculated randomly on reload. So i just bought cheap Plutonium and reloaded till the price was high enough. Rinse and repeat. Somewhere in 1 hour I left the station on very lightly armed Centurion with afterburner. I do not feel bad about it, since there still was enough challenge left, and I do not want to fly Tarsus outside the initial system ever again!

    A small fun fact.
    In 90th there was no legal market in Russia for games. Everything was pirated! Which incidentally means, no manuals. I remember finding all controls for LHX by try-and-see method and writing them down.

    Thanks again for podcast and keep up good work!

  3. Brian Rubin says:

    Welcome back! :) Please feel free to visit us on Discord!

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