Let’s Try to Play Lords of the Black Sun – Entry 1 – Not Quite Ripe…

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5 Responses

  1. Somehow I pre-ordered this thing. I am sad. :(

  2. Moonrogue says:

    I preordered like two years ago, and just kept hoping against hope things would get better. They didn’t. I feel bad, too, because the guys making it seem like real nice guys who love the genre and were doing their best. Just didn’t work out. Sad face.

  3. Nack says:

    I grabbed it back when it was “Star Lords”. I haven’t had any trouble with stability in it, but I haven’t logged that much time in it yet; I’ve been waiting for it to fill out a bit. The game still doesn’t really grab me.

    It could be your graphics card; you said it was running hot. It used to be that I couldn’t run Supreme Commander because after about half an hour of the video card fan screaming like a banshee the game would lock up. Maybe dial the settings down if you can?

    • Moonrogue says:

      It’s nothing with his graphics card. Check the avalanche of crash reports on every conceivable forum. Mine crashed about five minutes in, with the first diplomacy dialogue. Count yourself among the “lucky few”.

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