Let’s Play Apollo4x – Entry 6 – The Straw


I can’t…take it anymore. This game has broken me. It’s broken me and I don’t want to touch it anymore. It’s just a thousand little things that should make more sense, that should be explained better, that should be clearer, that should work better all just whittled away at my patience and my sanity and I just can’t take it anymore. This game is trying to do something different and I appreciate that, but it’s wrapped up in an engine and a UI that is so problematic that finding the fun is rare, and I hate that. I hate feeling so negative toward a game, but I have to be honest. This game is basically a thousand paper cuts waiting to happen, and I honestly never want to touch it again unless it gets a complete overhaul, which is actually a possibility. Sorry for my negativity on this one folks, but GAH SO MADDENING. Thanks for watching this series my friends.

Author: Brian Rubin

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