Let’s Play Apollo4x – Entry 5 – Invasion!!

My Cards! Attack!
My Cards! Attack!

Welcome back to Apollo4x my friends! In this entry, all kinds of wacky stuff goes down! First off, one of my planets got invaded, and though my troops fought their best (at least I think they did, it was very abstracted), I lost the planet after all my troops were simply wiped out. This took a while, and while the manual helped explain things a bit, it was still a bit…hodgepodgey. Sadly, I didn’t have much money after I lost my planet, so I tried to make some new trade routes, only to have the game crash on me after maybe one turn after combat. Not the best of beginnings OR endings for this particular session, truth be told, but hopefully the next session will fare a bit more positively.

Author: Brian Rubin

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