Spacey Summary – Super Star Trek

Brutal, Yet Influential
Brutal, Yet Influential

This article brings our first Game of the Month to a close. I gotta say, Super Star Trek is a tough game to play. Not because of the interface (or lack thereof, really). While that was a challenge, that wasn’t the thing that really prevented me from coming back to this game repeatedly (each session felt really forced to me, but I felt like I had to do it). What really prevented me from enjoying this game was just how…well, downright mean it was. I tried putting myself in a 1978 mindset, and in doing so, tried to come to this with a clear mind as there really weren’t other games like it before this one (besides its own predecessors, of course), but in the end, I really had a hard time getting over just how cruel this game was. Many of my deaths felt very random and unpreventable (though again, that might be me), and because of this pure randomness, I just lost the will to keep playing, which is why there are only three entries for the month.

There’s no denying how influential these games are, of course, but I’m glad that, as they got older, they also got more refined. Games like Begin and Star Fleet totally improved on the formula, and thank GOD they did because if gaming had stayed like this? It’d still be relegated to enthusiast magazines with BASIC games in the middle of ’em. That said, this game is a great part of gaming history, and anyone who wants to see how far we’ve come should totally try it out for themselves. Thanks for being a part of this folks, now onto Homeworld: Cataclysm!

Author: Brian Rubin

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