January, 2015 Game of the Month: Super Star Trek – Entry 1 – Riding the Learning Curve

Super Star Trek - Entry 1 - Riding the Learning Curve
Damn 1978, You Old School…

Welcome to Space Game Junkie’s first ever game of the month, 1978’s Super Star Trek! A lot of people have asked me to cover this game for a while, so I figured what better game to begin the Game of the Month series. Each month I’ll do a series of videos covering the game, along with Q&As (if possible, I’ve been trying to track down folks for this one and it’s been no joy so far) and more! I’ve not played this game in ages, so I had to refer to the manual while playing (which sadly the video picked up on, sorry about that). That said, even thirty plus years later, this game is still damned compelling, and one can see the foundation it helped lay for future tactical space games that followed. For this series, I played the game version from Tom Almy’s great site. I hope you enjoy this first video of me flailing about with the game, and thank you for watching.


Author: Brian Rubin

3 thoughts on “January, 2015 Game of the Month: Super Star Trek – Entry 1 – Riding the Learning Curve

  1. Have you heard of “Begin”? Another super-old-school “type commands into a DOS window” game, more about tactical ship-to-ship combat. The developer popped up about five years ago after a 20-year absence and said he’d ported it to run on Windows, and added some bells and whistles. https://thestarfleetproject.com/ has a link to the “latest” version if you’re curious.

    Back in the late eighties when playing games at work was still a dark art, I racked up quite the hour with it. Still holds up, too.

    1. Oh shit yeah son, I played the hell out of Begin back in the day! Don’t think I knew about this new site though, so yay! Thanks!

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