Lets Play Xenocracy – Possible Entry 1 of Who Knows – The Conundrum of Choice


Welcome to Xenocracy my friends, a pickle of a game if there ever was one. This very obscure — so obscure even *I* had never heard of it until recently — 1998 game from Simis and Grollier Interactive is kind of two games in one. It’s a linear arcade space sim in which you fly through a series of missions in arcade mode, or it’s a mix of political and flight sim in which, as the leader of a galactic peacekeeping force, you choose missions that you feel will help keep power balanced between the four systemwide superpower nations. It’s actually a fascinating experiment, one that I’m not sure succeeds at what it tries to do. Now, it took me forever just to figure out how to record this game, and the recording itself is problematic, with stuttering gameplay and missing graphical elements. With that said, would you like to see more, or not? Tell me how you feel in the comments and I’ll defer to the majority. Personally, I kind of want to play more, but after I’ve had time to get away from the frustration of getting it to work in the first place, you know? Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

6 thoughts on “Lets Play Xenocracy – Possible Entry 1 of Who Knows – The Conundrum of Choice

  1. Hi Brian, well I got this game years ago and got good memories of it, so YES, I would like to see more of it ^-^

    1. If I recall correctly, the software version as the accelerated versions didn’t work.

      1. You are locked in a 640×480 resolution then. I will try to see, if I can play it, with nglide.

        1. Brian, edit or create a “xenoexe.dat” file, in the directory you installed the game, by adding these lines:

          xeno3dfx.exe -ar3

          The game will recognize nglide, and will use the 3dfx executable. (Although it still crashed, at the start of a mission. But I will try again in a WinXP enviroment. I used Win 10).

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