Let’s Play Protostar – Entry 3 – Welcome Aboard

Sweet, Sweet Rocks.
Sweet, Sweet Rocks.

Welcome back to Protostar my friends! In this entry, we find enough resources to get new engines for both the ship AND the explorer, which saves considerably on fuel. We then run into an odd fellow in the station bar, one with a tale of woe so egregious that he lost his ship, his money and his arm, among other things. In talking to this gentleman, however, he points me to another Newfront ship in need of help. It’s there I find Cassi, sole survivor of a Skeech attack, waiting for death as the self-destruct on her ship counts down. THANKFULLY I convince her to join me as navigator! We then see that we’re near a system with an unregistered planet, so we head there only to be overwhelmed by Skeech and killed quite readily. After restoring my game, we find a new planet on which to mine. Yay!

Author: Brian Rubin

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