Let’s Play Starships Unlimited – Entry 5 – More Stable Footing

Go Little Fella Go.
Go Little Fella Go.

Welcome back to Starships Unlimited my friends! In this final entry, I try to take the war to the enemy, and find out that they really don’t like a minor slap in the face too much. In raiding a Minervan system, they sued for peace, which I gladly paid for since I was tired of losing ships. Now it’s time to regroup. I’m gaining more systems in the aftermath of the Ents’ demise, and I have to protect my holdings, so I’m tryyyying to build more ships in order to protect my expanding borders, which is an expensive prospect since trained crewmembers require yearly maintenance, so the more ships, the more expensive they become. This game, while it might not have much in the looks department, belies a depth and focus of design you won’t find in many other games. The design is elegant an detailed, yet streamlined and focused. The amount of orders you can give, systems you can interact with and tools at your command is impressive, and the variety is really nice. The AI is a bit weird, but that’s really my only complaint. Otherwise this is a very, VERY solid 4X that deserves to be in anyone’s library. $20 from Matrix, it’s a steal, so go get it.

Author: Brian Rubin

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