Let’s Play Ceres – Entry 5 – Coming Around

Kickin' Ass
Kickin’ Ass

Welcome back to Ceres my friends! So it took a while, but I’m finally feeling positive on this game. With the patching and with my ship being improved, I feel better about my chances in this dystopian solar system. The developer has been going the extra mile to respond to bugs and be active on Steam forums as well, which is excellent. Overall, if you’re someone looking for a 3D space game, but a bit more focused and tactical than, say, Homeworld, you’ll likely revel in this game. If you want something quick and easy to play, this ain’t it. Regardless, in this entry, I feel a lot better about my chances at the game as I take on more pirates successfully. Overall, this is a fun time.

Author: Brian Rubin

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