Elite Dangerous Request: Help Our Faction Take Over Negasargun

For the Emperor!

For the Emperor!

Friends, I just got this communique from a fellow commander:

“I’m a diplomat for the Patreus powerplay community. We discovered Veloxi’s Vixens in a system we exploit. It would help us tremendously to have your group in control of that system, Negasargun.”

Therefore, regardless of your powerplay affiliation, we’ve been asked to help in gaining control of Negasargun. Since this helps the Vixens (and ultimately the Empire) above all else, I can’t help but recommend that, if you’re in the area, you please help the Vixens gain control of Negasargun. ;)

Thank you.

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1 Response

  1. Kelly says:

    Why would anyone want to support the b@st@ges that are persecuting Kahina Loren?

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