A Full Work Day in Elite: Dangerous

Back in the Saddle.
Back in the Saddle.

So this past Saturday, I had almost the entire day to myself, and I spent much of it playing Elite: Dangerous. Out of the maybe nine hours of time I played that day, I streamed around six of them, so I present them to you now for your enjoyment. :) In these videos, I use PowerPlay to guide me to my adventures, including crime sweeps and conflict zones. I also wing up with a couple of folks with Gamers with Jobs, which was a rip-roaring good time, and I also have a plan on what to do next as well! Overall, it was really good to not only return to Elite, but to click with PowerPlay, which I’m now really enjoying. Basically, PowerPlay is a way to point you to new adventures. You can do more mundane tasks like ferrying around reports, or you can head to expanding systems which are meeting resistance (which is where the crime sweeps come in) or you can go undermine a rival power (which is what I plan on doing next). Overall, a great time was had, so thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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