Let’s Play Evochron Legacy – Entry 3 – Galaxy Questing

Ohhhhh Neat!
Ohhhhh Neat!

Welcome back to Evochron Legacy my friends! In this installment, I do a few missions, continue my search for a science officer, and activate one of the single-player quests included with the game, “Beginning of a Legacy,” which is something of a tour of the starting Alliance system of Pearl as well as an introduction to things like finding data drives, mining and so on. A quest is different than the missions you get in the inventory screen from stations and cities. These are a string of quest-specific missions that are for single-player mode only, and can even be created by fans. As you can see there are quests for both Alliance and Federation pilots, and these can be turned on or off at will, allowing you to resume them whenever you wish. I had a fun time with the beginning portion of this quest — which is now on hold until I get five shield boosters, which will require a bigger ship — and I can’t wait to see where these and other missions lead me. :)

Author: Brian Rubin

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