Birth of the Federation – Out of My Misery – Let’s Play Entry 5

War! Huh! Good Gawd…

Welcome back to Birth of the Federation my friends! In this final entry, after rejecting the Federation’s multiple demands for money, they declare war on me. Seeing an opportunity, the Klingons declare war on me at the same time. This leads to some combat, which is fairly dull and annoying. I mean, I played Starfleet Command, and this so ain’t that. Overall this isn’t a BAD game, it’s just not a great one either, and Star Trek deserves better. If they went down a similar road as, say, Star Wars: Rebellion, making it character-driven as well as strategic, they’d likely have a better game, but as this isn’t character driven, it loses a lot of the charm present in Star Trek, and results in a fairly boring experience overall. I hope you had more fun watching than I had playing! Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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