Let’s Play Alien Legacy – Entry 1 – A New Home

Fly Like an Eagle...
Fly Like an Eagle…

Welcome to 1994’s Alien Legacy my friends! This is a game of exploration and colony management, two things I REALLY enjoy. You not only manage colonies planetside, but also on your massive ark ship, the Calypso. You can also scour the surface of planets in order to gather resources, explore for new colonies, and find clues as to the whereabouts of the colony that was sent here twenty-one years before you. In this first entry, once our colonists begin waking up, I work to make our new colony on Gaea self-sufficient with a factory and a power plant, as well as manufacturing new robots on the Calypso for more production and flight possibilities. I also research new technologies and explore some new places. There’s a TON to do here, so much so I had to slow the game town a tad for fear of it running away from me. It’s a crime this game isn’t available digitally y’all, because it’s great.

Author: Brian Rubin

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