Let’s Preview Interstellar Rift

Nice Ship...
Nice Ship…

Welcome to Interstellar Rift my friends! This is a game of mining and building and flying and stuff, and in this preview, I get to do TWO of those things. ;) After completing the tutorial offline, I jump into a solo game to test it out, and like the detail in the opening station. Mining is also kinda fun too! Since everything is in-universe, it feels very immersive and engaging, and I like that quite a bit. Eventually I gather enough resources to build a ship, but for some reason I still can’t fly the thing. I then log into a multiplayer server, and find that the ships I can transport to, I don’t have access to, which is kinda nifty. I wonder if the owner of the ship can grant access to individuals. Anyway, that was a fun time, and I really am interested to seeing where this goes as more stuff is added, which I hope includes actual content. If there was actual content, like missions and the like, I couldn’t find it, so I’m hoping it’s in there, or will be in there, somewhere. Thanks for watching my friends, and check this game out if you like stuff like Space Engineers or Empyrion, it’ll be right up your alley!

Author: Brian Rubin

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