Horizon: 4X on the Simple and Straightforward

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  1. carllundstedt says:

    Since it’s football season I’ve switched my gaming plate from twitchy, actiony, RPGy games to turn-based strategy. Last year it was Endless Space. I found that game easy to understand and play. In these games I need to understand what I can do, what I need to do and what effects my actions will have or I simply won’t stay with a game.

    This year I’m playing Warlock (Fantasy/Magic/Tactics Heavy) game as no spacey turn-based games have a clear enough information flow to get my attention.

    This doesn’t look like it’s for me. :(

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Why not? It’s a mostly easy to understand turn based strategy game.

      • carllundstedt says:

        This line scared me: “The problem was that I could never figure out why I was losing so much money.” I have a hard time internalizing a lot of the information provided by the more grognardy strategy games so when I read that I got the “back away slowly” vibe. Maybe you’re on the right track with “not in there yet” and it’ll all be good.

        I seem to recall that you didn’t care much for Endless Space but I found it easy to figure out all the needed info without having to strain my brain too hard.

        When I read your title I got my hopes up for a streamlined strat game and this sounds like more of what we’ve seen so my comment may have been an overreaction fueled by misunderstanding. I’ll keep my peepers open for more info on it though.

        • Brian Rubin says:

          Yeah, I’m hoping future versions make it a bit easier to see why the player is succeeding or failing.

  2. frptunz says:

    Thanks for the insight on this game, Brian! Although I must agree with carllundstedt – this game doesn’t look very appealing. Judging by the screens it’s a bit too generic to my taste (IMHO, of course).

    By the way, I don’t remember – have you ever wrote about Solar War? That tactical 4X strategy with a small Xcom influence and almost no graphics (Stars! style) but an interesting concept of defending Solar system?

  3. Scotten says:

    I agree about your opening comment, except I feel the same way about all Strategy games right now… they’re either half-baked (TW: Rome 2) or don’t really scratch the itch (EU4).

  4. Baterdanface says:

    I got this game, and i started out on Very Easy to get the hang of the game, and i was getting dominated by people. I’m really tired of games with a Very Easy to Very Hard settings and getting dump trucked despite what setting is played. If there’s a Very Easy setting, it should be winnable despite how much of the game you know, even after restarting multiple times after i figure something new out, i still get dominated once i get into a war. Save the “once you learn how to play it gets easier” comments. When i played Civ 5 and played on a beginner difficulty, i did fine, when i played Endless Space and played on a beginner difficulty, i did fine. I do fine on Crusader Kings, i do fine on Europa Universalis. No reason for this game to be so tough on Very Easy for a first time player. I lost incentive to play this game when, after restarting for the 6th time, i still got dump trucked. I’m not asking for a game to be roll-face easy, i’m asking for a difficulty to where i can at least make progress in the game, while learning how to play.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey Baterdanface, welcome to the comments! I’m sorry to hear the game isn’t working out for ya though. :(

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