SGJ Podcast #31: Derek Freaking Smart

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2 Responses

  1. carllundstedt says:

    I’m hesitant to comment due to DS’s history. I can’t take this guy seriously. I was on Usenet when BC3000 came out and his statements and attitude totally poisoned my opinion of him. I gave this a listen to see if things have changed and I hear him claiming Star Citizen is “child’s play” and Galactic Command was looking to be a 5 year project, no wait, a 6 to 8 year project….well we’ll see it someday…

    Same ol’ same ol’.

  2. Josh B says:

    I was always so much in love with the Battlecruiser games. I never really played them super heavily, but I spent lots of time with 3000AD, Millenium, and Universal Combat. I am mostly in love with the concept, though the actual games failed to really pull me in.

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