Contact Vector – Visceral Capital Ship Combat

That's a Lot of Pew Pewness
That’s a Lot of Pew Pewness

There aren’t enough good, tactical cap ship combat games out there right now I think, but thankfully, a new contender has come along to hopefully fill the gap a bit. ;) Contact Vector is an awesome looking capital ship RTS game currently in Kickstarter. I was sent a demo of the game this past weekend, which is VERY early mind you, and was able to orchestrate some simple battles. The game looks just fantastic, and the feeling of mighty capital ships taking down their opponents is very evident. I hope you like the video, and if so, I encourage you to kick the developer some coin to help their campaign. :) I did. ;) Thanks for watching!

Author: Brian Rubin

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  1. I backed Contact Vector in the first kickstarter campaign and of course now in the second attempt…

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