Retrobooster – A Fun Physicsy Combat Challenge

Backed Into an Exploding Corner...
Backed Into an Exploding Corner…

Retrobooster is a fun, physics based shooter with elements of Lunar Lander and Defender. Control your ship using realistic physics, kill bad guys and save other humans. Also, I REALLY suck at it (hey, just like Lunar Lander and Defender!). ;) That said, it’s a very fun game that you should totally check out if for nothing else than the fantastic challenge it provides. Check out my video to see what I mean, and thanks for watching! Enjoy!

Author: Brian Rubin

4 thoughts on “Retrobooster – A Fun Physicsy Combat Challenge

    1. Bahahaha, I know, right? I am just terrible at games like this. Not even sure why. I think it’s because the perspective throws me off. If I’m IN a ship like this, like, first person in the cockpit, I do much better.

      1. Don’t worry. It’s supposed to be hard. I’ve seen people start out rough and still get good enough to beat the game. It just takes practice. And it helps to find the controller type you like most; I prefer mouse and keyboard. Anyway, thanks for playing my game :)

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