Why 0x10c Might Not Light My Fire…

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  1. Istvan says:

    I'm interested in 0x10c, certainly, but not as interested as I am in Borderspace. As a programmer, well, programming is my job. I admit I'm not planing on trying to implement an OS for Notch's 16-bit cpu emulation as a fun hobby, though I am very intrigued to see what other functionality he's going to implement for the gameplay in general. I do hope 0x10c helps give the genre more notice, but I'd much rather spend my programming hours implementing something fun and interesting that I would be able to sell on Google Play, or, frankly, making a Jumpgate replacement.

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Yeah, I totally wanna see how the gameplay portion pans out. What is this other game you keep mentioning? :-)

  2. Cautiously Pessimist says:

    I think I'm probably the target audience for the singleplayer aspect of this game. I loved Minecraft before all the "game" stuff went in, and the idea of getting into the guts of a spaceship and being able to fiddle with the code that runs it is a major draw to me. I'm not in the least interested in the multiplayer aspect, though I'm hoping that will make the game appeal to more folks so that the game as a whole takes off.

    I should note I'm a programmer by trade, and loved messing with assembly back in college. Not much call for that in real life, though.

  3. doctorfrog says:

    I kind of feel the same way: I really want to see more engineering work in space games, but I don't think I want *software engineering* in space games. But it's early yet. (Also I give no craps about Minecraft.)

  4. Lulloser says:

    Well, let's wait for it :D

    Can't tell that much now.



    I bet you didn't like Orbiter either

    • Brian Rubin says:

      Hey, don't judge me, whoever you are. I'm FINE with hard science space games. While I've not yet played Orbiter, I played the HELL out of Shuttle, Microsoft Space Simulator and Buzz Aldrin's Race to Space back in the day! :P

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