Sword of the Stars Weekend at GamersGate

A Solforce Cruiser from Sword of the Stars II
Spaceships on the Cheap at GamersGate!

Hey y’all, apparently the good folks at GamersGate are having a Sword of the Stars weekend, wherein you can get all the games in the series for really cheap. The deal includes:

Not a bad deal all around, and if you ask me, the complete collection up there is the best deal of them all. Then again I still have yet to play the second one, so I could be wrong. Enjoy!

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  1. Off topic of the post but .. do we have enough of a readership here to do a game of Neptunes Pride ? I can host a game, i have active subscription for a few more days

    1. Good question, let me ask. Could you start a thread about it in the forum, and I’ll make a post about it linking to that thread, so we can all talk more about it? Thanks!

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