Things Are Weird Right Now – Weekly Gaming Discussion for 4/5/20

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This Week’s Gaming Thoughts

Today is my cat Harry’s birthday, and he’s turned thirteen. A lot has happened in the last thirteen years, and it feels so weird that, hell, thirteen months ago many of us had likely never even heard of social distancing, but now it’s a core part of our lives. Now the weird thing is, for me, little has changed. I’m still trying to make a go of this streaming thing while looking for freelance work to help pay the bills. I’ve been at this since August.

What HAS changed is the vibe…pretty much everywhere. I walk outside a lot, and most people are nice if you stay the hell away from them, but even then you feel a…shift in the feeling of the area. A wariness that wasn’t there before. While not much has changed for me, this change in vibe has become a weight, one that is just dragging me down incessantly.

What’s also dragging me down is the slow and sad realization that, unless I find some part-time freelance work soon — and I am looking INCESSANTLY for some — I’m gonna have to go back to an office job, which will effectively kill this dream I’m chasing. Maybe now isn’t the time to be chasing dreams, but to be practical. I dunno. It just sucks and I’m sad.

What I’ve Been Playing This Past Week

  • Bloody Rally Show – Sure I have other games, but this is all I’ve played. It gives me the right amount of challenge, joy and quick gameplay I need right now.

What I’m Planning on Playing This Coming Week (besides Bloody Rally Show)

  • Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – This just had a big patch so I need to dive in.
  • Microsoft Flight Simulator X – Have to do more training so I can pass my flying test.

Gaming Question of the Week

How is gaming helping you cope?

For decades, gaming was pure escapism from what was a fairly shitty life (abuse, neglect, all that fun stuff), but eventually I got to a point where in gaming was a joy. Now it’s a bit of both, and I think that’s okay.

Top Clip of the Past Week

Sorry folks, but I’m monumentally behind in dealing with clips. I should be uploading a bunch throughout the week.

That’ll do it for this week. I hope you all are safe, well, and taking care of each other.

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3 thoughts on “Things Are Weird Right Now – Weekly Gaming Discussion for 4/5/20

  1. Totally weird times. I’m working on a game and have it lined up to release in May, but now I am really wondering if anyone will even be playing video games in May…

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