The Seasonality of Gaming

Seasons Change, but Gaming is Eternal…


Thanks to Tom Smith over on Facebook for this topic idea, it’s a good one. While he mentioned simply talking about space games, I thought I’d broaden things and talk about games in general. Now in my mind, there are two kinds of seasonality when it comes to gaming…

A Game for Every Season

I’d honestly never thought about this, but it made sense once I did. A lot of things have seasonality, such as holidays, weather, TV shows, etc. Why not games. This is not something I personally seem beholden to, as I play anything whenever, but I can see it being the case. Like, one plays Icewind Dale on a winter’s day, for example.

When I was in school, however, I do recall that three Summers in a row, I’d replay Starflight. That seemed like the perfect time, right? Three months off, one massive game. For the time it was perfect, but seasons mean less to me now. What about you guys? Do you find yourself returning to a specific game based on the time of year?

A Season for Every Game

The reverse of the above is something I’m quite beholden to. I don’t really revisit the same game every year, but let’s say every few years I do. These are games like Drox Operative or Skyrim, but my gaming ADHD usually doesn’t keep me with one game for too long, let alone through numerous replays. What about you? Any game you revisit on a regular basis regardless of the time of year?


With all the new games coming out, it might strike one as odd to go back to old games one has already played. Yet there’s comfort in the familiar. If there are games you consistently return to year after year or season after season, I’d love to hear about what they are and why on the forums. Thanks for reading!

Author: Brian Rubin