Let’s Preview Master of Orion (2016) – Entry 2 – Oh No You Didn’t!

War. Huh. Good God...
War. Huh. Good God…

Welcome back to Master of Orion my friends! In this entry, I build up my fleet not only to deal with pirate scum, but some interlopers as well. First off, I find a nearby pirate base and make it eat bombs IN ITS FACE. After eradicating the pirates, I use my fleet to take out a nasty space worm thing guarding a luscious planet I want for my own. Unfortunately, after I do all the hard work, the Mrrshan slip in and colonize the VERY PLANET I LIBERATED. This will not do, oh no, so I basically take back the colony from them, declaring war in the process. The poke and prod at me a bit, but in the end I take one of their colonies from them. Oh good fun!

Author: Brian Rubin

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